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Crestview Genetics Argentina is a biotechnology
center world leader in animal cloning of high
value equines and other species.

About us

Our lab is built in compliance with IETS (International Embryo Transfer Society) standards, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and boasts a team of globally renowned scientists with an extensive track record.
In addition, after ten years of experience, we have a laboratory with the most advanced technology dedicated on Stem Cells investigation for the tissue reparing area.


▫ Animal Cloning.
▫ DNA procurement.
▫ Gene banking of DNA.
▫ Embryo transfer to recipient females
   and/or embryonic criopreservation when required or requested.
▫ Pregnancy follow-up and control.
▫ Birthing control and neonatology.
▫ Foal rearing.