Followed by a large turnout in Palermo, La Dolfina Sancor Seguros played an excellent match and beat Ellerstina Johor by 12-5 winning the fifth consecutive time the  Tortugas Country Club Open, in a match played on October 7th.The Cañuelas team, backed by the Uruguayan David Stirling, a fighter in all sectors of the field, managed to open the scoring through a goal by Pablo Mac Donough, who would be decisive in the triumph of his team.With a great set game, the formation led by Adolfo Cambiaso managed to make Ellerstina only 5 goals in 7 chukkers, something never seen in the classic between the two best teams in the world. The Zeta never found game and it depended purely and exclusively on what Facundo Pieres could do, who scored the 5 goals of his team, only two of them on play.On the other hand, La Dolfina set the pace, opened the court and defined in all possible ways: with far shots by Pablo Mac Donough, with subtleties of Cambiaso (backhand goal and another after leaving on the way to Gonzalo Pieres) and with good Juanma Nero runs, impassable in the defense of its wicker.Ellerstina was quickly frustrated and could not make a good game, open and running, which usually shows in all its presentations. La Dolfina, unstoppable, did not lower the pace at any time and closed the result with a 3-1 in the last chukker to achieve the best advantage (7 goals) against the Zeta, as in Hurlingham’s final 2012, in where he won by 18-11. A new title for La Dolfina Sancor Seguros, who stands as the only candidate for the Triple Crown 2017.