Una vez más, Hawaii acompaña al mejor polo del mundo.

United in the passion for polo and driven by the desire to honor a relationship of over 200 years, La Dolfina continues growing with the support of Hawaii Polo Life, an organization created by Christopher Dawson with the aim of merging Hawaii, its home and culture, with polo, a sport known for teamwork, discipline and unity, which has been present in the history of Hawaii since 1880.

As a father and enthusiastic player, Chris supports the fundamental principle of the family and the legacy that Poroto Cambiaso stands for. That is why Hawaii Polo Life represents and sponsors Poroto, Global Ambassador for the brand, Mia Cambiaso and all La Dolfina team with an eye on the future, treasuring the relationship that started so many years ago.

During the Palermo Open, the cathedral of polo and the most important event for this sport, the brand was present with a stand exclusively dedicated to representing Hawaii and its culture. In this tropical space, with corners filled with plants, flowers, sand and even surfboards, Chris, his wife and friends enjoyed a cocktail party with drinks, poke bowls and sushi on the eve of his birthday.

The presence of Hawaii Polo Life in the Palermo Open is very meaningful not only to promote the products of the brand - available on www.hawaiipololife.com - but also in the equestrian and polo world in general, with the aim of making Hawaii known from another perspective. 

As of these days, Chris continues to promote the history and culture of Hawaii in different ways, not only sporting the Hawaii brand on his teams’ apparel, but also through his speeches, publications and interviews, making the Hawaiian legacy known from the polo point of view. At the same time, he is working and leading the development of his new club in Waimanalo in order to boost polo in Hawaii, influenced by his experience in this sport and, especially, for his relationship with Adolfo Cambiaso and La Dolfina.

This partnership represents a friendship that goes beyond polo. Thanks Hawaii Polo Life for being part of La Dolfina and for choosing us to continue writing this story together.